EM Designs is a web development firm with a difference.
We believe in Elegance, Simplicity and Efficiency in our designs.

EM Designs has a focus on the aesthetic effectiveness of a design resulting in a high quality result and thorough design process.


Here at EM Designs, we believe that an effective simple design can accomplish far more than an over cluttered and busy one. With the right mix of features and minimal presence, a beautiful project can soon emerge.


EM Designs has an excellent history with successful time management. A standard web design project can be completed on a minimal time frame depending on the needs of the project. Rapid site development is also offered, allowing a high quality beautiful website to be created rapidly and in phases.

  • Optimized for new technology
  • With modern CSS and HTML, EM Designs can create websites that perform on any platform and enhance the experience on new technology devices and platforms. HTML5 video and CSS3 transitions and effects come together to create interactive and accessable designs.

  • Streamlined and efficient for mobile access.
  • Using modern techniques, resources can be streamlined or removed whilst providing an enriched user experience, be it on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Responsive design for multiple devices
  • Using CSS3 and Javascript, designs can respond to the users device providing the best possible experience without writing new code. Same content, new outlooks.